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There is a great respect for the bucking horse that can only be found in a "true" and passionate bronc rider as he loves the horse and eagerly awaits his or her next ride whether in practice or competition, to feel the experience of the artistic "dance" that can only be found between bronc rider and bronc. There is no fear in a bronc rider, nor is outside influence of any kind needed to fulfill his or her passion of the sport. The PBRA encourages bronc riders of all ages from youngest rider, 6-12 ages, to our junior riders, 13-16, non-professional 17 years and up, and our PRCA riders.

About PBRA

Some of us are born into this world knowing what we want to do from childhood.  The owner and founder of the PBRA, is one of those people.  From the time he could walk, he wanted to be a cowboy.  Throughout his 47 years on this earth, he’s managed to be and do just that.  With a passion for the horse and riding the “rank ones” as a teenager, he developed a love for the art and trade of being a bronc rider.  He has run with, chased, roped, trapped, broke, and trained horses from their most free state as a mustang, to the backyard horse of a neighbor, to climbing on one’s back in the bucking chute, just for the “sport” of it.  Never to shy away from a challenge, he set his mind on riding the “rough string” long before he learned it could be done as a sport.  He knows that to understand a bronc, one has to share in the love and respect for the animal, which can only be found between the “bronc stomper” and the “bronc”.  It’s not breaking one’s spirit as many say, but simply encouraging the animal, and the man, to gain a better knowledge and understanding of their counterpart in order to fulfill a sense of growth and accomplishment.  So, the “work” or “sport” of bronc riding, is much the same, in one.  The rider must be disciplined and physically and mentally tough enough to work through the first 50 or so broncs before you realize how to move and feel the beauty of the power underneath you.  Then, through the pain, sweat, bumps, and bruises of it all, the rider will stop “stepping on his partners toes” and begin to “waltz” with her.  The art of bronc riding is a beautiful dance when rider and beast come together.  The PBRA offers this romantic lifestyle to the working cowboys and cowgirls, to the professional PRCA cowboy, all those in between, and to young and older bronc riders alike.  We pride ourselves in knowing our horses, their mannerisms, rein measurements, and each trip out to give the rider the best chance at leaving the competition victorious.  Our goal is to provide sanctioned bronc riding events throughout the nation to encourage the growth and respect of the sport, and then, that bronc riders can become passionate about it enough, to call it their career.  We are focused on raising and providing the earnings that bronc riders deserve for their efforts, and help bring a “non-political fairness” to the rodeo arena that is, undeniably, noticeable with many other organizations.  As bronc riders, cowboys, stock men, businessmen, family men, and Christians, the PBRA committee, male and female, will be constant and steadfast in its mission to help and encourage each style and level of bronc rider.  As we grow, we can walk out of each rodeo arena knowing that you were an encouragement to us, and prayerfully so, the PBRA, an encouragement to you.